The Grey Wolves - Freeware expansion pack for Ubisoft's 'Silent Hunter'


Installing the GWX3 GOLD Add-on for Silent Hunter 3

You must install GWX3 GOLD over a CLEAN, UNMODIFIED installation of Silent Hunter 3 with the latest patch (1.4b) installed.

  • You do not need any previous version of "The Grey Wolves" or GWX. GWX3 GOLD completely supersedes all previous versions.
  • You can use JSGME to activate other mods after you install GWX3 (including GWX3's optional mods), but not the core GWX3 add-on itself. JSGME is included with the GWX3 GOLD installation.

Step-by-step instructions for Windows XP users

Step-by-step instructions for Windows VISTA users

Frequently Asked Questions

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“How can I improve the quality of the game's 3D graphics?”

“How can I contact you about a problem with GWX3 GOLD that isn't covered here?”