The Grey Wolves - Freeware expansion pack for Ubisoft's 'Silent Hunter'

SH3 has gone from a game to a valuable and educational strategic exercise.”

Pamela Armstrong, co-author of 'Silent Warriors', describing GWX for Silent Hunter 3

GWX3 Gold - available now!

GWX3 GOLD is the result of over 3 years of dedicated work to give fellow Silent Hunter 3 enthusiasts a truly immersive WW2 U-boat simulation.

U-boat in GWX3View larger image Destroyer in GWX3View larger image

This final release for SH3 gives you ALL the hundreds of features and fixes from previous GWX versions in one single installer — PLUS a handful of new enhancements, including a groundbreaking new environment mod.

“All you need is good men...”

Heinrich Lehmann-Willenbrock

Since 2005, The Grey Wolves team fixed, improved or added new features to virtually every aspect of Silent Hunter 3: realism, gameplay, models, graphics, sound...

New to Silent Hunter and GWX?

Silent Hunter 3GWX3 GOLD is a FREEWARE ADD-ON to Ubisoft's 'Silent Hunter 3' that immerses you in the role of a WW2 German U-boat commander. GWX3 offers improved realism and environments, without radically changing the way you play the simulation. Many of these modifications operate in the background, so you can take the plunge from 'stock' SH3 to the more in-depth GWX experience without actually requiring you to be a trained U-boat commander!

UPDATE: Journey's End for The Grey Wolves Mod Team


Building on the success of our expansion packs for 'Silent Hunter 3', in early 2009 the team began creating the next installment in the GWX series: GWX4, a freeware expansion pack for 'Silent Hunter 4: U-boat Missions'.

Unfortunately, due to the team's real life commitments and the likelihood of many of our objectives for GWX4 being mirrored in Silent Hunter 5, the GWX4 project is officially cancelled and the team disbanded. For further information, please see the link below: